Active restoration has been on the agenda for years. The consolidation, by means of a completely new foundation, and the restoration of the so-called stairway theatre, were completed in 2002 in collaboration with the Middle East Technical University of Ankara. This was done with new techniques and materials, including specially manufactured glue. In addition to protective measures, limited anastylosis was performed (reconstruction with original building elements).

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In 2005 the restoration and anastylosis/ reconstruction of the ‘Severan' theatre inside the stairway theatre began. An excellently preserved carving on the northern floor tile made it possible to reconstruct the curve for positioning the lowermost row of benches, as far as the stairs halfway the width of the cavea, which yielded a particularly flat ellipse cut lengthwise. The carvings on the benches made it possible to position the upper benches.


All the temple fragments and the other building elements scattered across the site have been lifted with a 40-ton telescopic crane and placed in a flat space next to the temple. Three parallel rows were created: on the inside row parts of the stairway theatre or the marble theatre, behind that the column fragments, and on the back row the architraves and other elements from the temple. Thus the spectator can see a structured image of the building elements and can have an impression of their function.