Excavations and especially publication are expensive enterprises. Funding of the bilateral Tuniso-Belgian fieldwork has mainly come from two sources.

On the Belgian side, Research Grants of the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders (Belgium) (FWO-Vlaanderen) allowed the fieldwork in 2003 and 2004; recently, the same institution allotted a Research Grant for the publication campaign of the year 2005. In the year 2002, a short campaign had been made possible by a special grant of the Faculty of Arts of Ghent University as well as two travel grants of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (Amsterdam).

The Institut National du Patrimoine (Tunis) signed financially and logistically for the Tunisian side of the project in the years 2002-2004. Directeur général is Mr. Beji Ben Mami.

In 2002, Fortis Bank Global Markets (Amsterdam) sponsored the project with two laptop computers.