News from the 2004 campaign

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Update tuesday 21 september 2004


In Trench 7, Veerle, Karen, Sghair and Madame Boutheina are working on a quite small area, where they 'peel' off the archaeological layers one by one.


At the edge of this trench, a Roman cistern was found. Sghair managed to clean and excavate this small place on his own, with some help for the buckets.


In trench 2, everybody is working very hard. Tijs, Vanessa, Faicel, Liselot and Kaouther have recently found the first late Punic levels.


Soumaya, Lieve, Jelel and Tine are working in trench 4. Soumaya and Jelel are digging further down from the 2003 level. Their primary goal is to examine the Archaic levels.
Lieve and Tine are excavating the levels right and left of a Punic pavement. Afterwards they will cut out the pavement too.

Trench 6 is a new trench starting off from ground level. At the moment Aline, Ans, Mohamed and Hamdene are excavating the Roman layer. We found already a lot of ceramics and fragments of mosaics.


The topographers, Tijs, Sarah and Liselotte, measure the whole excavated area with the total station. Afterwards they enter the data in the computer to make a plan.

Update on the fieldwork during the second week

Trench 7 contains several robber trenches on Roman walls. Karen and Veerle have been digging these trenches for the last few days.

After having consulted our topographers Sarah, Tijs and Liselotte, it proved necessary to adjust our measuring rod from the British into the metrical system, as you can see with the highest level of accuracy.

Trench 4: due to the heavy rainfall in fall 2003 the trench had been completely filled with mud. Claudia is seen here retracing the walls excavated last year.

Tuniso-Belgian cooperation: Tijs and Koouther fixing a nail.

Koouther, Vanessa and Liselot measuring and mapping a Roman wall in trench 2.

Roald Docter taking snapshots in the field.

Photographing at mid-day necessitates un-orthodox screening measures: Aline holding the batch of plastic in trench 6.


Transporting excavation materials at the end of the day is best done in cooperation.

Topographical team at work

This year the team has been expanded: three students of Prof. Dr. Ir. A. De Wulf (Ghent University) have been added to the archaeological team. During the last week they have been engaged in setting up the grid system on the Bir Massouda site.

Dangerous situations at the edge of a trench.    Liselotte strapped to the tripod.

Next to it they have transferred the height of the geodetic point of the Byrsa Hill to the present excavation site.Of course, they have been scheduled for other tasks as well.

Sarah and Tijs: daily dishes for 16 persons.

Action photos (9 september 2004)

At home: our lovely terrace and the water stock