Links The Excavation of a Byzantine Ecclesiastical Structures between Cardines IX and X at the 'Bir Messaouda' Site, Ave. Bourguiba, Carthage-Dermech 1997-2000. The Carthage excavations of the Universiteit van Amsterdam were filmed in 2002 and 2003 for the spectacular documentary series ‘Metropolis. Die Macht der Städte’ by Tangram Film München. This 1.8 billion Euro production, highlighting Rome, Carthage, Athens and Alexandria in c. 50 minutes’ items, was shown in the month of October 2003 on German television (ZDF). The second item ‘Karthago. Die Stadt der Seefahrer’. was broadcasted on October 12th 2003 and several times again in 2004 on Arte television. For more information on the contents of these documentaries: see Potenza Valley Survey, from acculturation to social complexity in antiquity: a regional geo-archaeological and historic approach. Dutch mirror site on archaeology.

BABesch: Bulletin Antieke Beschaving, Annual Papers on Classical Archaeology.